Logo Steering Wheel Adaptors G27 G29 G920


LED LIGHT -  Simple DiY Project Logo Steering Wheel Adaptor G27 G29 G920

To 3d print your own adaptor find the stl files here



Included in the kit.   COMING SOON

1x Logo adaptor of choice.

2x 5v LED lights 1x red and  1x blue.

1x Wires needed to solder.


For this project you will have to do a little soldering or wire the LED to a usb cable and pass it through the center of the hub.

Its recommended to watch some basic soldering videos on YouTube if you decide not to use a usb cable method. 



Step By Step Instructions for DiY Led Light Adaptor


Watch some Youtube videos on how to remove the wheel and open up the button box


Turn the PCB over and solder the LED 5v to the + and - terminal like in the photo.

You must respect the positive and negative or the LED will not light.


Pass the Led through the front of the button plate as inth photo and secure it to the middle, of the adaptor plate


Once all rewired and resembled on the wheel base you can simply bolt on your adaptor and aftermarket wheel.

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