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3d Printed for Logitech G27/ G29 / G920 "NEW" Paddle shift extenders and Steering Wheel Adapter, Black Carbon Finish ( Button Version ) Flat Dish Rims
Steering Wheel Adapter, Black Carbon Finish ( Button Version )
The adaptor is compatible with steering wheels with 6 bolt 70mm center pattern.
Attaches to the hub centre with the original logitech bolts.
Attach the new wheel with 20mm M5 bolts or the bolts that came with the new wheel.
Check You-tube for many tutorials on how to dismantle your Logitech wheel and assemble your new aftermarket wheel. Takes 10 minutes.
These adapters are compatible with steering wheels of around 320-350mm they are adjustable allowing you to use the original paddle shifters with aftermarket steering wheels.
These adaptors are 3d printed very solid and just clip on to the original paddles no dismantling needed.
Any questions drop me a line. 

Logitech G27/G29/G920. Paddle Shifters & Wheel Adaptor for Flat Dish Wheels