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SimGadgets Wind Simulator Setup 

Downloads and Installation.

1. Download CH340 Drivers for Windows  / Unzip the file Run the installer which you unzipped.

​2. Download the Arduino Software (IDE),  / Unzip the file, Run the installer which you unzipped.

3. Download and install **SimHubDash. get the license version.

Plug in your fan via usb, find the com port number in windows  device manager.

1. Open SimHub

2. Select Arduino tab and the my Hardware tab.

​3. Click Open arduino setup tool 

Change the board to Arduino UNO and select the correct com port.

Scroll down, use the slider to find Shakeit PMW outputs and change the values as in diagram below

Click. File / save sketch in the top right

Click upload to arduino wait while uploading then click ok and exit sketch setup.

Click Shakeit tab. Effect Profiles , and turn on SPEED.

Select the game you want to play start to race the wind sim should turn on  as you start to drive.