Sim Racing Wind Simulator.

Wind Simulator fits Logitech G27. G29. G920. Steering-Wheels and other wheel bases that have flat top surfaces.

Ideal way to keep cool in VR.

 This wind simulator can be setup in just a few minutes and attaches directly to the wheel hub with Velcro it will stay put until you wish to remove it. Will not damage your wheel base.

 Wind speeds are automatically adjusted while driving to match the speed of the car, you can feel the acceleration and breaking. Great for simulation in open wheelers and as air con to keep you cool.

Compatable  with    SimHubDash* software.

Links to all software, downloads and drivers HERE

 Games List.

  • Assetto Corsa

  • Project Cars 

  • Project Cars2

  • iRacing

  • RFactor &  RFactor 2

  • Live for speed

  • Codemasters F1 Series

  • And many more

Duct Type and Direct to Fan Air Straighteners

Air Straighteners for Sim Racing Wind Simulators

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